Coin Master Pets guide: post contains information for Coin Master Pets, pets power, pets food, pets max level and best pet. You can say FAQs for Pets in other words.

After go through this post, you will able to understand pets importance in Coin Master game and best practices for pets in game. Let’s check out all pets FAQs one by one.

What are pets in Coin Master?

A pet in Coin Master is like your companions in the quest to conquer. It helps you in different actions of the game to make progress in village and get rewards. You need to get food for pet, feed pet and pet will helps you in game.


Coin Master Pets guide
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How many pets in Coin Master?

There are three pets in Coin Master game. They are Foxy, Tiger and Rhino.

What are pets abilities and power?

Following are pets main role or abilities in game.

Foxy: Foxy power can be used in Raid. Foxy will dig up the fourth spot to earn extra coins.

Tiger: The Tiger’s ability is to increase the number of coins won, when you attacks on other players’ villages.

Rhino: Rhino is like defender. When you have run out of shields and another player attacks on your village, Rhino will have a chance to block that attack.

How to get or unlock pets in Coin Master?

Following are details to unlock pets in Coin Master Game.

Foxy: Foxy will unlock when you reach Village level 4.

Tiger: You need to complete the Beasts Card Collection to unlock Tiger.

Rhino: For unlock Rhino, you need to complete the Creatures Card Collection.

How to get Coin Master pet food (snacks and XP)?

Following are different ways to get snacks food for pets in game.

  • Free food in pets area.
  • Slot machine spinning as extra rewards.
  • Reward calendar.
  • By fixing your Village items.
  • Completing Card Collections.
  • Play Coin Master events.
  • Buy snacks.

How to feed pet on Coin Master?

Pets need food to be awake happy and active in game, without snacks fall asleep and you will not get benefits of its power. Following are steps to feed pet in game.

  1. Tap on pat that sittings near spin button.
  2. Select pat you want to feed.
  3. Tap on pet treats button in bottom right corner.

Which is best pet in Coin Master?

All are best pet in Coin Master based on their abilities. Foxy and Tiger helps to earn more coins in game and Rhino helps to protect village. So, Answer is, trio pets are best in game.

How to hatch eggs in Coin Master?

Following are steps to hatch eggs in Coin Master Game.

  1. Go to pet menu in game.
  2. Select egg you want to hatch.
  3. Tap on egg.

Given are simple frequently asked questions answers for Coin Master Pets. If you have any queries or tips and tricks to share, you can share it using comment section.

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